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On which exchange is Gilead listed and what is the ticker symbol?
Gilead is traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the symbol GILD.
Where is Gilead incorporated?
Gilead is incorporated in the state of Delaware.
Where is Gilead's headquarters?
Gilead's world headquarters is located at 333 Lakeside Drive, Foster City, CA, 94404. The main phone number is (800) 445-3235 or (650) 574-3000.
How can I purchase shares?
Shares can be purchased through a stockbroker of your choice.
How can I replace my lost stock certificate?
You must contact our transfer agent Computershare. The Internet address is www.computershare.com . The company can look up your records and make any necessary adjustments. There is a fee involved for replacing lost certificates. The company's address is:

P.O. BOX 30170
College Station, TX 77842-3170
Phone: (800) 710-0940

If my address changes, whom should I notify?
You must send both your old and new addresses to our transfer agent, Computershare by U.S. mail. Each stockholder in question must sign the request for an address change.
When did Gilead go public?
Gilead went public in January 1992.
How many stock splits has Gilead had and when?
Gilead completed a two-for-one stock split in February of 2001, a second two-for-one stock split was completed in March 2002, a third two-for-one stock split in September 2004, a fourth two-for-one stock split occurred in June 2007 and a fifth two-for-one stock split occurred in December 2012.

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Does Gilead pay a dividend?

The following table summarizes Gilead's dividend history:

Record Declared Payment Amount Type
3/15/19 2/1/19 3/28/19 $0.63 Cash
12/14/18 10/24/18 12/28/18 $0.57 Cash
9/14/18 7/24/18 9/27/18 $0.57 Cash
6/15/18 4/30/18 6/28/18 $0.57 Cash
3/16/18 2/5/18 3/29/18 $0.57 Cash
12/15/17 10/25/17 12/28/17 $0.52 Cash
9/1517 7/25/17 9/28/17 $0.52 Cash
6/16/17 5/1/17 6/29/17 $0.52 Cash
3/16/17 2/7/17 3/30/17 $0.52 Cash
12/15/16 11/1/16 12/29/16 $0.47 Cash
9/16/16 7/22/16 9/29/16 $0.47 Cash
6/16/16 4/27/16 6/29/16 $0.47 Cash
3/16/16 1/28/16 3/30/16 $0.43 Cash
12/16/15 10/27/15 12/30/15 $0.43 Cash
9/16/15 7/23/15 9/29/15 $0.43 Cash
6/16/15 4/24/15 6/29/15 $0.43 Cash
When is the next dividend going to be paid?
Future dividends will be subject to declarations by the Board of Directors.
Does Gilead offer a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP)?
No. DRIP programs are generally offered and managed by your brokerage firm. Please contact your brokerage firm for additional information.
How do I request a hard copy of the most recent Annual Report?
Please fill out a request form HERE